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Oceanographic, environmental & geoscience surveys for complex projects in the UK and worldwide.

Metocean (Oceanography & Meteorology)

Seabed ADCP and AWAC deployments, vessel mounted ADCP surveys, drogue and dye tracing, tidal levels, water quality monitoring.

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Sediments & Hydrodynamics

Dredge monitoring, sediment transport & tracking, scour assessment, beach processes and seabed mobility assesssment.

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Hydrographic & Geophysical Survey

Bathymetric survey, full suite marine geophysics including integrated UXO survey.

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Water quality, benthic survey, marine noise monitoring.

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Particle Tracking

Sediment (or particle) tracking / tracing is a method used to determine the pathways and rates of sediment transport through the environment.

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Sediment Tracers, benthic flumes, cohesive strength meters and online systems.

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