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Water quality, benthic survey (including seabed sampling and drop-down video), marine noise monitoring.

Water Quality Monitoring

The requirements for dredging and/or construction activities to be managed with respect to environmental considerations continue to grow and develop, and for many large scale coastal infrastructure projects (such as the construction of new ports and facilities) monitoring of water quality parameters are required to evaluate potential environmental impacts.

We offer technology-led solutions for collection and measurement of water quality parameters in coastal areas, harbours, estuaries and rivers.

Partrac has undertaken water quality and sediment monitoring for large scale port developments such as London Gateway Port and Liverpool 2 Port developments.

Environmental Monitoring and Control of Sediments around Dredging and Reclamation Works, Thames UK. Leggett D J and Read K, Dredging International UK, Black K, Partrac. 

Partrac’s expertise includes:

  • Multi-parameter, telemetered data buoy systems
  • Fixed structure monitors
  • Vessel-based profiling and mapping systems
  • Acoustic backscatter (sediment flux) surveys
  • Sample collection and analysis (sedimentology, contaminants etc.)
  • Marine noise measurement and monitoring
  • Outfall studies (dye dispersion, drogues, ADCP)
  • Flow and stage measurement
  • Sediment transport consultancy

Benthic Survey

Large scale marine projects such as interconnectors, offshore wind farm and tidal turbine developments, marina developments and dredging activities require characterisation of the seabed biological environment.

More protection is being provided to rare and important species through recent legislation. Benthic surveys are able to identify abundance and diversity of these species and potentially provide supporting evidence for applications for conservation status.

Partrac’s expertise includes:

  • Survey management
  • Seabed sampling and analysis
  • Identification of seabed biotopes using high definition video and stills photography
  • Taxonomic identification


Clients include: