Technical Director Kevin Black Contributes to Scientific Paper for Aquaculture Sector

As the aquaculture industry seeks to achieve sustainable expansion, and minimise its environmental impact, accurate modelling of benthic impacts is of primary importance. Modelling can enable operators to meet regulatory requirements and ensure aquaculture sites are not placed in areas where they will have adverse (or extensive) environmental impacts. It must also provide a basis upon which regulators can make a balanced and safe assessment of developments or existing operations. Partrac were involved in an extensive programme of field measurements during 2013 – 2014 to support the development of a second generation benthic impacts predictive model (NewDEPOMOD). The research, funded directly by the Scottish Government, involved the use of our benthic flume technology at a number of west coast fish farm sites.

Our Technical Director Kevin Black is now engaged with colleagues in SEPA and SAMS (Scotttish Association for Marine Science) in writing up this work as a technical scientific paper (“Characterising sea-bed processes for modelling deposition of aquaculture wastes”), for submission to a scientific journal before Christmas. The paper compares and contrasts the results  from use of the Voyager I and Voyager II at 11 active fish farm sites. New, site specific functions are developed which provide improved parameterisation of boundary layer processes for incorporation within NewDEPOMOD.

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