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Offshore Wind

Partrac has provided survey and consultancy services to the Offshore Wind insustry for over a decade for engineering, operations and environmental ser

Port and Dredge Monitoring

Ports, Harbours & Dredging

Partrac provides dredge, environmental, and construction monitoring for marine developments and aggregate extraction.

Metocean Survey Offshore Windfarm Substation

Offshore Infrastructure

Partrac works with the offshore industries, providing surveys and consultancy for infrastructure management and development


Coastal Industries & Outfalls

Partrac has been working with the water and coastal industries, providing surveys and consultancy to ensure regulatory compliance


Wave & Tidal

Partrac works with the wave & tidal industries, providing surveys and consultancy for project development and environmetnal compliance

Aquaculture fish farm monitoring


Partrac works with the aquaculture industries, providing data and surveys to ensure regulatory compliance and infrastructure management and developmen

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