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Coastal & Marine Consultancy

Water quality, benthic survey (including seabed sampling and drop-down video), marine noise monitoring.

Coastal and Marine Consultancy

Partrac’s scientific and technical expertise assists in answering complex questions and improved understanding of the coastal and marine environment.

Partrac has a deep understanding of the assessment of physical processes and sediment problems related to infrastructure development interacting with or impacting upon the natural environment.

We work on large scale coastal and marine infrastructure and energy projects in the following areas:

  • Offshore wind
  • Cables and pipelines
  • Marine renewables
  • Ports, harbours & dredging
  • Oil & Gas
  • Utilities
  • Coastal resilience

Partrac’s expertise includes:

• Baseline processes assessment
• Environmental impact assessment
• Licencing and Consenting
• Metocean design criteria
• Coastal geomorphology
• Coastal processes
• Hydrodynamic (wave and tidal) modelling
• Seabed mobility
• Sediment transport modelling

• Marine geology
• Cable landfall assessment
• Scour
• Shoreline management
• Beach Nourishment
• GIS solutions
• Expert witness (DCO and legal disputes)
• Intelligent client services


Clients include:







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