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Sediments and Hydrodynamics

Dredge monitoring, sediment transport & tracking, scour assessment, beach processes, seabed mobility assesssment and coastal process impact assessments (EIA Chapter).

Dredge Monitoring

The process of dredging inevitably gives rise to plumes of high sediment concentration, which potentially creates a range of environmental issues and problems.

We have developed a range of monitoring approaches to help our clients effectively monitor dredging activities.

Partrac’s expertise includes:

  • 3D plume mapping, using the commercial ADCP-Sediview method
  • Depth profiling using autonomous turbidity sensors
  • Real-time monitoring buoys for environmental compliance monitoring
  • Time-integrating and time-series sediment traps for sediment quality investigations

Sediment and Scour Monitoring

Through the processes of erosion, transport, and deposition, fluvial, estuarine and coastal sediments are in a state of dynamic equilibrium.

In addition, activities such as cable laying, offshore wind and tide farm construction, and coastal protection etc. can mobilise and redistribute sediments and create scour.
We are leaders in the field of sediment and scour monitoring and use a range of cutting edge methods to monitor sediments in any aquatic environment.

Partrac’s expertise includes:

  • Alarmed, real-time turbidity monitoring
  • Spatial sediment flux assessment using Sediview
  • Towed, multi-instrument package systems
  • In situ particle size measurement (using LISST)
  • Sentinel in-line time-integrating suspended sediment traps
  • In situ direct measurement of surface sediment stability (using Voyager benthic flumes and Partrac Cohesive Strength Meter)
  • Submersible water samplers for sensor calibration and sediment quality
  • Point sediment flux assessment using integrated ADCP-OBS systems
  • In situ real-time scour depth measurement (long-term, unattended)
  • Point bed-level change measurement (to millimetre resolution)


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