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Benthic flumes and online systems.

Bespoke marine instruments and marine monitoring solutions

Partrac is a technology-led company, with a flair for innovation, and looks to use technology to the benefit of our clients in projects. We have a number of bespoke marine instruments which measure seabed stability which supports our geomarine activities, and operate a fleet of online marine monitoring systems for the measurement of waves, tides and water quality.

Field (in-situ) Benthic Flumes

We operate two benthic flumes for the in situ measurement of sediment stability – these are seabed lander systems designed for coastal and offshore use.

The flumes are submersible marine instruments which rest unattended on the seabed and measure directly seabed stability. The flumes are suited to a wide variety of applications including scour rate assessment, contaminated sediment resuspension, and numerical model validation-calibration. We operate the smaller Voyager I system, which is suited to shallow water/coastal applications, and a larger Voyager II system, suitable for offshore (water depths 50 to 200 m).

Laboratory Annular Flume

We manufacture annular-type laboratory flumes for studies on sediment dynamics, sediment interaction with biota, including seagrasses and aquatic vegetation, as well as biogeochemical processes. These salt- or fresh-water flumes, which range in scale from mini-flumes (order 0.5 m diam.) up to major-flume (2m+ diameter) can accommodate a range of high-frequency instruments, including a custom-built acoustic Doppler velocimeter (ADV) and electromagnetic current meters (EMCM) to measure flow and turbulent properties, with built-in optical backscatter sensors, dissolved oxygen and water sampling ports to determine suspended sediment concentrations and DO. We can integrate small GoPro (or similar) cameras within the flow channel to view sedimentation event. The acrylic design also allows the use of Laser anemometry and external (video-) cameras to be installed to observe sediment transport and bedform dynamics. The larger flumes can accommodate a variety of sediment beds including vegetation.

Laboratory Annular Flume Datasheet_2018

Online Systems

Acquisition of marine data continuously and in real-time is critical to a range of applications including compliance dredge monitoring, offshore operational planning and environmental impact assessment.

We have invested in a range of online marine monitoring systems for the measurement of waves, currents, tides, wind, scour and water quality. We provide integrated measurement solutions and a complete data telemetry solution (UHF/VHF, GSM, Satellite), including web-based software packages to access the data.

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