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Tracing Group Head to Brazil for Dredge Impact Study.

Staff members Jack Poleykett and Matthew Wright are soon to head to Brazil to conduct a tracer study to further assess the impacts of local dredging of Rio Grande port on nearby recreational beaches. This study follows on from a successful study concluded in 2018. We shall be using our proprietary coated mineral silt tracers to investigate the fate of overspill material generated during the dredging process. Overspill is a necessary means of getting rid of excess water taken inboard during dredging operations; overspill inherently contains a volume of fine sedimentary material, which is lost to the ocean during operations. There is a tendency for this material then to enter to the wider ocean circulation and travel significant distances. We shall be working with Carlos Garcia of the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG) once again to investigate these transport pathways.

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