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Coastal Industries
& Outfalls

Coastal Industries & Outfalls

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When working in coastal industries and outfalls, it’s vital to ensure regulatory compliance and strong infrastructure management. To do this, you need the right data and the right advice.

At Partrac, we can help. Our team of experts provide data acquisition and analysis, modelling and advice to major water companies that have direct links with the estuarine and marine environments. We can work with you to undertake hydrodynamic surveys to help ascertain the sites for long sea outfalls or to test the integrity and dilution characteristics of existing pipelines.

Coastal Industries & Outfalls

Many of the world’s largest offshore projects rely on our critical wave and current data, advice and support. Together, we can increase the certainty of a more successful tomorrow. Let our experience guide you through.

  • Current profile, tide, and wave monitoring
  • Meteorological measurements
  • Water quality monitoring (e.g., turbidity and dissolved oxygen)
  • Shallow geotechnics (coring, grab sampling)
  • Baseline environmental surveys
  • Dye and particulate tracing studies (dilution and dispersion studies)
  • Sediment analysis (PSD, suspended sediment concentration)