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Numerical Modelling

Understanding the complexities of the coastal environment is key to ensuring the success of your offshore project. Numerical modelling is a key tool which can be used to understand, quantify and visualise complex water environments. At Partrac, our numerical modelling team uses advanced modelling techniques and approaches, delivering site-specific data to support your decision making.

Numeric Modelling

Some of the world’s largest offshore projects depend on our metocean data and knowledge. Whether you’re working in aquaculture, offshore renewables, ports and harbour, cables, or another coastal sector, we can help. Together, we can increase the certainty of a more successful tomorrow. Let our experience guide you through.

Partrac Numeric Modelling


Our models can provide critical information including:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Site Characterisation
  • Extreme value analysis
  • Operational criteria
  • Sediment stability and transportation
  • Plume dispersion and morphodynamic / seabed variability behaviour
  • Flow-sediment-structure processes
  • Local models to predict metocean conditions including
    • Wind
    • Waves
    • Currents
    • Tides and water levels

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