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Dredging & Port
Construction Monitoring

Dredging & Port Construction Monitoring

Before you begin port construction or dredging, you need to understand the impact these activities could have on the sensitive marine environment. A central, major aspect to consider before beginning construction is potential changes to the bottom sediment that makes up the seabed and sediment loads in the water column. Any work that affects sediment is highly regulated to ensure the environmental impact is minimal and carefully managed.

Partrac can help you understand how sediments will respond to potential disturbances caused by your dredging or port construction projects. With technical expertise in marine physical processes, we’ll make sure your project complies with complex regulations and will help minimise impact on the coastal environment.

Thames Barrier foreshore

To deliver the data you need, we design and implement large-scale, in situ, multi-parameter, real-time dredge monitoring sensor networks. Alongside this, we undertake extensive vessel-based water quality monitoring programmes, from baseline through to construction, and into post-construction.

Some of the world’s largest coastal infrastructure and dredging projects rely on our knowledge, monitoring, data and advice. Together, we can increase the certainty of a more successful tomorrow. Let our experience guide you through.


Dredging & Port Construction Monitoring


We offer various services to support with dredging or port construction projects including:

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