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Offshore Metocean

Offshore Metocean Measurement

Working in an offshore environment poses specific challenges. You need the right information at the right time to make key decisions about planning, design and development.

Metocean data is crucial to the success of offshore projects, helping you design out uncertainty in engineering, make important safety decisions, support operational planning, and ensure the integrity of your assets.

At Partrac, we know what’s at stake. We’re experts in oceanographic data collection and analysis, providing you with the data you need to progress your project. Whether you’re working in the offshore wind sector, cables and pipelines, or another marine area, we can help.

Offshore Metocean Measurement bouys

Our team will work with you to advance your offshore wind, infrastructure, or subsea cable projects. Through our complex metocean surveys, we’ll supply you with the wave, current, and wind resources you need to make critical decisions.

Some of the world’s largest offshore projects depend on our metocean data and knowledge. Together, we can increase the certainty of a more successful tomorrow. Let our experience guide you through.

Offshore Metocean Measurement bouy launch


We can help with several key aspects of your project including:

  • Metocean measurement campaigns
  • Provision of real-time metocean data
  • Wind resource assessment using floating lidar
  • Desk-top studies for design and operational criteria
  • Site feasibility studies
  • Numerical modelling and analysis
  • Seabed stability and transportation studies
  • Plume monitoring
  • License applications
  • Critical advice and consultancy services

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