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Metocean design

Metocean design criteria

Metocean data is critical for the design, integrity, and safe operability of coastal and offshore infrastructures. 

At Partrac, we can make your offshore project a success by delivering the required metocean design criteria. Our team will gather, quality control and analyse the data, delivering all the information you need to make key decisions.

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Working closely with you, our metocean studies will be unique to your project. We can acquire information about wind, waves, currents, water levels, and other metocean parameters. Our team uses advanced techniques to collect and validate the data, ensuring risks and costs are minimised.

Whether you are designing foundations determining a cable route or planning the layout of an offshore wind farm, we can help you understand the metocean conditions, ensuring the integrity of your structure. Let our experience guide you projects to see it in action
Metocean design criteria


To make your project a success, we can provide:

  • Bespoke metocean design criteria reports
  • Extreme value analysis (EVA), with return values specified by you
  • Operational frequency and occurrence statistics, with operational thresholds specified by you
  • P values to assist with workability

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