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Metocean (Oceanography & Meteorological)

Coastal Services

Partrac is a leading provider of coastal oceanographic surveys, with experience throughout the UK and worldwide.

We provide a range of services from drogue tracking and dye tracing in support of dispersion and dilution monitoring, through to more complex surveys including seabed ADCP deployments and vessel mounted current profiling.

Partrac’s expertise includes:

  • Survey design, planning and management
  • License applications
  • Seabed ADCP and AWAC deployments
  • Vessel mounted ADCP survey
  • Turbulence surveys
  • Dilution and circulations studies
  • Drogue and dye tracing
  • CTD and current profile surveys
  • Tidal level measurement
  • Water quality monitoring (e.g. dissolved oxygen and turbidity)
  • Data processing and analysis using in-house Matlab scripts
  • High quality reporting, clear concise data & interpretation

Online measurement systems

Metocean Criteria & Desk Studies

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